Hypnosis is the ability to induce trance. We all experience trances many times a day: day dreaming; reading a book; being engrossed in a film; and just before drifting off to sleep. These natural, relaxed states are known as Hypnoidal States. Because we all do this naturally, we are all able to enjoy hypnosis. The therapist reproduces these phenomena in the client so that the client naturally goes into a trance. When we are in a relaxed state, we are more open to consider new ideas and suggestions because our resistance to change and new ideas is lowered. Therefore, while in trance, therapeutic interventions may be used to facilitate change.

These may be classified under the headings of Direct Suggestion, Counselling, NLP, Desensitisation and many other traditional approaches to therapeutic change. It is believed that in Hypnosis we accept therapeutic change at an unconscious level and so achieve our aim quickly and thoroughly. The advantage to the subject is to dramatically reduce time spent in therapy.